Understand The Different Types Of Cricket Matches

Understand The Different Types Of Cricket Matches

Do you know much about cricket? The first thing to understand is that this game is not just one but three different types.

Cricket is a game that has been played for years. However, the rules and equipment have evolved to make it accessible to everyone. There are different types of cricket matches in modern cricket that have their unique strategies and strategies in mind.

The main type of cricket is the test match, played five days when the result is not coming and can be both an aggressive and defensive affair. However, there are other types of cricket, such as one-day cricket matches and T20s, a form described by the acronym Twenty20.

Cricket is a popular sport worldwide that has been played for centuries. Here is detailed information about the different types of cricket matches played in all cricket-playing nations and who is the highest run-scorer in every format.

Test Match

Cricket test match games overview in India

The test match is very popular, so quite a lot of cricket is played all year round. They often call time off; they are the longest matches that can go on for five days if there is no result at the end of the fifth day. Experts say that if a player can playtest a match, he can play every format of cricket sport.

The test match is played in three sessions, and every session consumes two hours. And there is also a lunch break of 40 minutes and a tea break of 20 minutes. In one day of a Test cricket match bowling side have to bowl 90 over in given periods. The highest run-scorer in Test cricket is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, who scored 15921 runs in his Test cricket career.

Every cricket team who played a test match played two innings each. If a team played first, then they complete their first inning, and after that, the opposite site comes to bat on, and if they succeed to bowl out the opposition team, they again bat if they have not sufficient score to follow on. Now ICC organizes world test championship in test cricket.

One Day International

One Day International cricket event review

It takes place over a day and has fifty over per team. The scorecard for this type of match always shows the time taken, the balls bowled, individual player statistics such as number of runs made, number of wickets taken, etc.

The one-day cricket matches are much shorter than test cricket and have a set time limit after which a result must be achieved. The match starts with a toss and tosses the winning captain to decide who bowl first or bat first.

Before the start of the game, the national anthem song was sung by every team player of their respective team. There is a batting power play between the first ten overs in ODI cricket. Only two players must be outside of the thirty-yard circle in this period.

One day international cricket matches have a major tournament organized every five years by the ICC. The most run-scorer in the ODI cricket match is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, who played for India and Scored 18426 in his ODI cricket career. The ODI cricket format comes in the shortest format of cricket.

T20 Cricket Matches

A T20 cricket match is the shortest form and format of cricket, and it is played in all cricket-playing nations. In this format, there are only 20 on both sides. A Bowler only bowls four overs in a T20 cricket match. The batting power play in this format is only six over. Many leagues are played in this format, such as IPL, also known as the Indian premier league, BPL, BBL, PSL, and many more.

The International T20 cricket has a major tournament like ODI international, also known as the T20 world cup, and mainly it is held after every two years. India won the first T20 world cup in 2007 against Pakistan. The most T20 run-scorer is Martin Guptill, who played for the New Zealand cricket team and scored 3299 runs till now, including two hundred.

The most hundred run scored in T20 international cricket match by Rohit Sharma. On the other hand, an Afghanistan player Hazratullah Zazal holds the record for most sixes in an innings, and in this inning, he hits 16 sixes against Ireland.

Due to the shortest format of cricket, it is one of the enjoying cricket formats because the over is not too much; every player tries to hit boundaries that the crowd loves to watch, that’s why it is the most loving format among others.

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