How to play cricket?

How to play cricket?

Cricket is a bat-and-ball sport played between two opposing teams. These two teams consist of 11 players each on the sports field. The game is played on a 22-yard pitch with two balls, three stumps, and a wicket at every end. 

This sport starts when a player from a fielding team named bowler bowls to the opponent team batter. In this cricket game, the game is played following any of the three cricket matches. These three are one-day internationals, t20 internationals, and test cricket.

Now we are going to discuss different types of cricket tournaments here.  All of these are played following the rules and regulations of the cricket game.

Test cricket 

Test cricket features in India and instruction

This game began in 1877 and this is the traditional format of cricket.  Now this game is settled in 5days which consists of two innings each. In this format, players have to show their energy, endurance, and technique. 

One day internationals 

ODIs format game commenced in 1971.  But it became famous in the 1980s.  In this game, each team plays for 50 overs. In this game, players have to show their speed, technique, and skill for doing well.  The ICCs top event ICC world cup is played every four years.  ICC women’s world cup also follows the same. But the under 19 world cup is held every two years.

T20 internationals

T20 internationals cricket event discussion

This is the current, premier international tournament. It started in 2007. 16 members of ICC play even ODI and t20 format. Apart from this, 104 member nations got the status of T20 for the women’s team also. Now we are going to discuss cricket rules briefly here.

  • There are many important aspects incorporated into this game. These are teams, batting, fielding, bowling, captain, and an umpire. Cricket is a game with a similar number of players on each side. At the beginning of this sport, a coin is tossed and the winning team gets the first chance to select to bowl or bat. 
  • The objective of batting is to hit the ball for scoring runs. The purpose is to score runs as much as possible.  Initially, two batters came onto the field.
  • The fielding team bowls the over and endeavors to prevent batteries from scoring. 
  • The role of the umpire is important for conducting sports.  They have the authority to make decisions on the field as the penalty imposed, and game dismissal if required.
  • The captain plays a crucial role in playing cricket. They have to take the whole responsibility for all taking place with their team on the sports field. The coach is authorized to plan outside the field.
  • Bowled out: bowler knocks break the wicket with a bowl
  • Caught out: fielder catches the ball which is batted on the fly 
  • Leg before wicket: The body of the batter interferes with a ball bowled that will hit the cricket.
  • The construction of ball and bat: The circumference of the ball is around 9 inches. The bat is made of willow wood with 4.25 inches in width. The length of this bat is 38 inches maximum.

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