Definition Of Slow Over-Rate And How To Calculate It?

Definition Of Slow Over-Rate And How To Calculate It?

In the world of cricket, there are several rules players need to follow to play, and if one fails, they can even get panelized for doing so. Similar to international cricket tournaments held within a country`s boundary, including their board or cricket. They can even change the rules of the games or make rules according to their will. However, these rules would only work for matches they decide for within their perimeters.

A great example of these kinds of matches in IPL in India. The rules made for these matches can be altered according to the BCCI`s will, along with which new rules can also be formed. Thus fans of IPL matches ask questions such as what is slow over-rate in IPL, which is another example of a rule created for IPL only. The answer to this query is listed below, along with the history of this rule.

Explanation of Slow over-rate

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This rule was made for IPL as it is for a bowler who cannot complete an over within a given period allotted by the board. The player will get panelized if the time runs out. The latest incident was for a player called Sanju Samson from Rajasthan Royals, who offended the rule in the IPL of 2021. The player runs out of time for bowling at the 32nd match of the IPL season.

Several other captains, such as Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ms. Dhoni, and Eoin Morgan, are some of the team captains who were charged for slow over-rate. These players are fined a percentage of the money they will get in the match. The percentage is 20 percent. An over to end is 15 over in a single hour for test crickets. However, the time is different for other formats of cricket, such as for ODI, it is 14.28, and for T-20, it is 14.11.

Taking account of two Strategical time outs of 2minutes and 30 seconds given to each team, there is a total of an hour and thirty minutes. Teams are expected to complete at-20 matches of 20 over within this time to not get panelized. However, this excludes the fact such as harsh weather in which the math cannot occur or any other unseen miss happening during the match. This is the slow over-rate meaning stated by the board of cricket for India.

The amount panelized to captains

As mentioned earlier, the percentage for which the amount given to the player will take as the penalty is 20%. However, depending on how many times they have committed slow overrate, the amount changes. For example, if the captain is fined for this rule being broken for the first time, the penalty will be 12 lakhs. Although for the second time, the amount doubles and reaches a hefty 24 lakhs, the other ten players will be fined as well.

The amount is either six lakhs or 25% of the money they will get from their match, which is lower. Furthermore, for the third season, the bowling team captain will be fined the amount of 30 lakhs in total, along with which he will get banned for an entire match from the game. The other ten players playing the game will also be charged an amount of twelve lakhs or 50% of the money they will be getting from their match, depending on which is lesser than the others.

Calculating slow over-rate

Calculating slow over rate depends on how many overs in IPL are taking place. This is important as the penalty is depended on the time taken to complete a single over or the average of all over. The time is decided depending on the format of the match, such as for a test match, the time limit will be one hour for 15 over. However, the time and over changes depending on the format.

Furthermore, for ODI, a total of 14.28 over are expected to get completed in a single hour, and for t-20, the over dec4eases to 14.11 per hour. This means that a game of twenty over must be completed within the period of one and a half hours. This time includes the time given to the teams for their Strategical planning, that is, two minutes and 30 seconds twice in a single game.

Despite these criteria, there are exceptions made for these rules in the circumstances such as harsh rainy or stormy weather. Another situation is in case of any miss happening in the game may be due to a serious injury or other factors are also included in this as an exception.