A Brief About IPL Indian Premier League

A Brief About IPL Indian Premier League

IPL is a very popular cricket tournament in which players from different parts of the world. When IPL starts then nothing in the world seems more interesting than it, it looks very interesting to watch all the players playing together from different teams. 

The main aim of IPL was to make everyone aware of cricket and to bring new talented cricketers to the new every year through this tournament. People know that this intention has been proven true, IPL is held every year and with it, newcomer players are also introduced to the world.

IPL has now become a festival that people are celebrating every year, with their favorite team. Name of Indian premier league teams has been kept in the names of the state of India. The audience supports their favorite team and favorite player during the IPL, IPL continues for about 2 months. Audiences can watch live IPL on television or on other internet channels. 

Let’s know more about IPL through this article 

What is IPL

what is IPL

For those who do not know anything about IPL, it is important for them to know what is IPL from the start. IPL stands for Indian Premier League, it was started in 2008, and it is a cricket tournament based on knock-out rounds every team plays against each other in this tournament. It is a 20-20 tournament which means it is played with 20 overs till 2021 there were 8 teams in the IPL but since 2022 two more teams are added. 

Before the IPL first auction is done, different teams buy players in their team. Every year new players are added to every team based on the auction and through Indian premier league news, it is seen by the viewers which teams comprise which players. 

Organizer of IPL

IPL has become very successful today not only for people from India but from all over the world. People love to watch it. The organizer of the IPL is the BCCI,  or it can also be said that the founder of the IPL the BCCI, and the vice president of the IPL is Lalit Modi. It is also said that Lalit Modi was the man behind the birth of the IPL. 

In 1995 also Lalit Modi came up with the idea of IPL with the 50 over concept but it was rejected by then because it will become very long watching 50 over cricket for 1 month. If it could have this then IPL would not have been this entertaining as it is now for the audience. 

The first team to win IPL

IPL was started in 2008 as is already mentioned and in 2008 Rajasthan Royals won the IPL, this team is owned by Shilpa Shetty. After this many teams won the IPL and till now Mumbai Indian is the first team to win the maximum IPL title. 

More than the result it is more interesting to watch the journey of 2 months every single fan of IPL enjoys all the matches of the IPL.